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On this page you will find some useful information that you should read carefully before you start advertising your boat on Scancharter.com


What do I get when I register my boat at Scancharter.com?

  • Your own ad with the boat, which will be available in 5 different languages: English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • The ad will automatically get translated into other languages using Google Translate.
  • Upload up to 10 images.
  • The boat’s exact location will be shown on a Google map.
  • If you have a YouTube video with your boat you can show it here as well.
  • We have an extensive equipment list – all you have to do is check it – it will then be translated automatically.
  • Prices will be converted to EURO, DKK, SEK or NOK automatically, depending on which country the potential client is from.
  • You can create several different prices in different periods – e.g. high, middle and low season.


How much does it cost to create a boat advert on Scancharter.com?

It is free of charge to create your boat at Scancharter.


Who is responsible for boat and safety?

You as the boat owner is held responsible for all safety regulations regarding the charter. Scancharter only acts as an intermediary and has nothing to do with the actual boat or charter.

It is therefore your responsibility to respect both the Maritime Authority’s additional requirements for rental boats. Read the Danish regulations here: https://www.retsinformation.dk/forms/R0710.aspx?id=27543


What about insurance?

It is always the boat owner’s responsibility that the boat is insured regardless of who is using it. By hiring out your boat, special circumstances may apply, and hiring is typically not covered in a standard insurance policy.

We recommend that you discuss the insurance conditions with your insurance company.


How much should I charge?

Pricing of a charter boat, very much depends on the boats age, condition, size, equipment – but it also depends on what season you want to hire out in.

It’s a good idea to base your price on the boats capacity of passengers.

You can find inspiration by viewing the price of the other boats on Scancharter.com.


What equipment must I have on my charter boat?

Many charter boats are well equipped. The client should only bring personal equipment such as. quilts and sailing clothes. Everything else is expected to be on board.

Ultimately, what matters is that both parts have agreed upon what equipment is on board.

We have already created a list of the most common equipment and accessories found on board to help you make a good equipment list (it is also possible to add things that are not on the list).

The boat must have a hull certificate.

In general it is a good idea to have the following equipment on board:

- Life raft
- Lifejackets and lifelines for all persons aboard
- Sea anchor
- Lifebuoys – one with light and one with a line.
- Red flares – both hand-held and aerial parachute flares.
- Fire extinguishers
- Anchor ball
- Anchor equipment
- Sounder (foghorn)
- Lanterns
- Waterproof torch for signaling
- Throw line / ring
- Compass
- Radar reflector
- Charts
- Depth measure tool
- First aid kit
- Toolbox with wire cutter and hacksaw
- Manual / description of the boat and equipment list
- Copy of the Maritime Administration’s regulations

Also read the Maritime Authority’s additional requirements for rental boats. Read the Danish regulations here: https://www.retsinformation.dk/forms/R0710.aspx?id=27543.


What about Terms & Conditions of hire?

Before your guests can sail off it is important that basis of agreement is okay. Therefore a contract must be signed by both parts. We have  a downloadable draft you may use free of charge.

Download contract draft as PDF

- Download contract draft as Word-doc


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