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Yacht Charter Caribbean


Yacht Charter Caribbean

A Caribbean yacht charter will allow you to mix nature at its most scenic and hauntingly beautiful, with some of the best attractions civilization has to offer -fine dining, lively resorts, exciting shopping and good times at one of the famous beach bars.

Gorgeous islands are strewn over a fascinating area of lukewarm and clear blue water, modern facilities for yachts and sailors are found everywhere, and these are just a few of the reasons why the Caribbean is regarded as the world’s premium bareboat charter destination.

Diving and snorkelling buffs will find the waters of the Caribbean a true paradise on earth. Healthy coral reefs are found everywhere, and they all boast a biodiversity that is hard to imagine. Impressive underwater formations are homes for multitudes of fish spawn and colourful tropical fish, and they offer protection when voracious predatory fish such as jacks, cod, wahoo, lion fish, barracuda or even tuna are on the hunt.

For those interested in larger pelagic encounters, the Caribbean islands also offer the possibility of running into maritime heavyweights such as marlin, sailfish and dolphins – and if you´re lucky, perhaps even one of the many species of sharks that cruise the waters of this fabulous region.

Thrilling and diverse experiences that will satisfy the expectations of everybody are never far away on a Caribbean yacht charter. Scancharter will provide you with a large selection of quality yacht charter boats available for hire. On Sea-Travel.com you can perform a live search for available charter boats in the Caribbean

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