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Yacht Charter – itineraries


Yacht Charter itineraries

We have found a selection of interesting sailing routes for your inspiration when planning your yacht charter vacation in Greece.

Yacht charter from Athens

Mainland Attika

Alimos Marina
With a fully load sail boat you set of from Alimos – adventure awaits you and your crew

Kap Sounion, lunch stop/anchorage
Beautiful bay with easy access to the unique Doric temple of Poseidon.

Nisos Aigina

Aigina, port
Many (mostly Greek) tourists, and an authentic busy Greek town – a “must”, when cruising theSaronic Gulf!

Perdika, port
An idyllic, tranquil little town. Tavernas at the water front and a good relaxed mood.

Agia Marina.Lunch stop
Very close to the Dorictemple ofArtemis Afaia, just up the cliff.

Nisos Angistri

Limenaria, lunch stop
Buy your Greek lunch in the taverna a take a swim in the blue lagoon opposite offering spectacular turquoise water.

Methoni peninsula

 Vathi, port
A laid back, calm and green little port. The whole area is volcanic, but no smell of sulphur here as in theport ofMethoni.

Nisos Poros

Ormos Neorion, lunch stop
If you are arriving early, drop the anchor here and swim to one of the tavernas on the beach.

Poros, port
Spectacular approach when turning port, entering Limin Poros. Touristic yet enchanting town.

Nisos Hydra

Hydra, port
Another spectacular approach! Fashionable port, so arrive a little early. No cars are permitted on the island. Transportation – only with donkeys.

Nisos Peloponissos – opposite Hydra

Ermioni, port
No foreign tourists here except for the yacht crews. Idyllic setting in green surroundings and a good mood when the lights are lit in the many tavernas.

Nisos Dhokos

Ormos Skindos: lunch stop
Safe anchorage with good snorkeling, and a nice taverna overlooking the bay.

Nisos Spetsai

Baltiza Creek, port
Small, crowded harbour, but well worth a visit! Bars at the quay, and a suitable walk to the town ofSpetsai over the crest.

Nisos Peloponnisos

Porto Heli, port
Just opposite Spetsai, offering good facilities.

Koiladia, port
Authentic Greek fishing port. You may have to anchor off, but any way the town is a good contrast to more touristic ports.

 Plaka, port
Very good facilities for yachts. Take a taxi and buy your breakfast in the near town ofLeonidion. No tourists and a proper Greek working town with all sorts of shops.

Kiparissia, lunch stop
Anchor off just outside the mole (taking care of the “Flying Dolphin”), take a swim, and enjoy a nice meal at the local taverna. Nice views and green surroundings.

Ierakas, port
The center of the world! No sound except cicadas and roosters. Take a walk and visit the cyclopic ruins overlooking the bay. Tranquility and a sense of eternity. When ordering your dinner at the local taverna in the evening, you feel extremely lucky.

Monemvassia, port
This is definitely one of the most spectacular places in the Mediterranean. Monemvassia was the ancient port belonging to Mystras, the new capital of the Byzantine empire after the Ottoman takeover in 1453. Breathtaking views from the church of Agia Sophia and the cliff – called “the Gibraltar of Greece”, and a unique medieval mood in the town. A place one never forgets.

Yacht charter from Rhodos

Nisos Rhodos

Mandraki, port
Start of yacht charter – many beautiful islands to explore

Nisos Symi

Panormitis, port/anchorage
A suitable distance from Mandraki, if you succeed in getting away from Rhodes early. When turning starboard at the entrance of the bay, you immediately see the huge monastery. At sunset when the ceremony starts, you can feel Greece under your skin.

Symi, port
One of the most spectacular views. The town is at day of hurly-burly, when the day trippers fromRhodes arrive. In the evening, another mood set in. Visit the Chora, and get an appetite climbing the many steps to the breathtaking view.

Agia Marina, lunch stop
Drop your anchor with a view to a nice taverna and a small island with a chapel. Swim in turquoise water – life is beautiful!

Ormos Nanou, lunch stop
This is another lunch stop at the east coast of symi. Lukewarm water and a good taverna at the beach. Make sure your anchor holds!

Nisos Chalki

Ormos Potamos, lunch stop
If you arrive early, there is a nice safe anchorage just S.W. of Ormos Emborios.

Ormos Emborios, port
These places never cease to pop up inGreece! Excellent port facilities (shelter, water, power) and a totally unspoiled town! Shopping and tavernas – a place to visit again.

Nisos Tilos

Ormos Livadiou, port
The small hamlet of Tilos is a delight, and the fixed mooring lines newly installed, facilitate mooring in this small port. Total tranquility and this miraculous feeling of escaping time. I strongly recommend “omelet with eggs” from the local taverna.

Nisos Nissyros

Palon, port
The port is now totally renovated, and offers excellent shelter and facilities. Rent a motorbike and visit the volcano, eat your lunch in Nikia overlooking the crater and the blue sea. Nice tavernas and good feeling at the harbour.

Yacht charter from Kos

Kos, marina
Sailing start

Nisos Pserimos

Ormos Pserimou, port
At day this is a place for day trippers fromKos, but from 4 pm. the bay relaxes and transforms into a different and tranquil secluded bay.

Nisos Kalymnos

Vathi, port
The entrance is like a visualization of Skylla and Carybdis. A deep fjord ending with a short breakwater. Get a berth here, and enjoy the meal in the local taverna and a gaze at the stars without interfering light.

Nisos Telendhos, lunch stop
There is just room enough to anchor in settled weather and visit this idyllic island – enjoy your lunch at “Café Rita”?

Ormos Emporios, lunch stop
Laid moorings just outside the small hamlet facilitates a quick lunch stop.

Nisos Leros

Pandeli, port
If you can squeeze in among the fishing boats, this is a perfect port to visit when you want to explore the island of Leros. Good tavernas with your feet in the water and a short walk to the town of Platanos.

Nisos Patmos

Skala Patmos, port
Busy harbour – a center for visiting the famous monastery of St. John, where the apocalypse was written, and the revelation took place. From a distance you can clearly see the monastery like white snow on a mountain.

Nisos Lipsoi

Lera Lipso, lunch stop
A convenient stop before entering the port of Lipso. Good swimming and a good taverna with Greek music.

Lipso, port
Yet another tranquil Greek hamlet almost untouched by time.

Nisis Marathos, lunch stop
Fixed buoys in a cove just outside Arki and Port Augusta. Very suitable for at pause for a swim or a snack, before entering the port.

Nisos Arki

Port Augusta, port
Very cozy harbour on this very small island. No tourists except for the crews on the few visiting yachts.

Nisos Agathonissi

Ag. Georgiou, port
A safely hidden gem in the Greek waters. Absolute solitude and silence and a short walk from the port to Chora. Good tavernas at the waterfront.

Nisos Samos

Pythagorion, port and marina
Pythagorion is a charter destination, so expect a lot of tourism. “La Vie en Rose” is taking place every night.

Samiopoula SW, lunch stop
Sandy beach and good protection from the prevailing Meltemi.

Psili Ammos, lunch stop
Sandy beach and tavernas.

Yacht charter from Skiathos

Skiathos, port

Sailing start

Nisos Skopelos

Glossa, port
Steep walk to Glossa offering a spectacular wiev.

Agnondas, port
Idyllic settings in green surroundings.

Skopelos, port
Main town of the island. Convivial place. Stay a day and explore the town.

Ormos Panormos, lunch stop
The southern bay offers nice green clear water for a swim. Anchor off and take a long line ashore.

Ormos Stafilos, lunch stop
Anchor outside the swimming buoys, and enjoy the nice surroundings.

Nisos Alonissos

Patitiri, port
Main town of Alonissos. Many bars and tavernas. A bus brings you to Chora, an enchanting place to spend some hours while the sun sets. Fantastic views.

Kokkinokastro, lunch stop
Anchor off in the bay outside the red cliffs, which is the oldest inhabited place on the island. Kokkinokastro means the red castle and was populated by Minoans from 1600 BC.

Steni Vala, port
A small port and the most northerly inhabited town of the island. Only visited by yachts, a very nice little port.

Nisos Kira Panayia

Ormos Planitis, anchorage
This landlocked bay offers protection from all winds. Kira Panayia is only inhabited by very large goats. Bring a grill and enjoy a small beach party.

Nisos Skantzoura:

Ormos Prasso, lunch stop
Large bay at the west side of Skantzoura.

Ormos Skantzoura, lunch stop
Turquoise water, but hardly space to swing an anchor – take a long line ashore and enjoy your lunch.

Nisos Skyros

Linaria, port
You can rent a car or better a motorbike and visit the Chora, which is definitely worth a visit.

Avoid the newly build port in Ormos Akhilli.

Yacht charter from Paros

Paroikia, port

Antiparos Strait
With some preparation, it is possible to pass this strait both east and west of Nisos Remmatonisi. But choose a day with settled weather – there are rocks and reefs to avoid.

Ormos Faranga, lunch stop
South of the island, just south of the landing strip.

Nisos Antiparos

Ormos Dhespotiko
In old days this bay gave shelter to pirates. Turquoise water and tavernas ashore.

Nisos Skinoussa

Mirsini, port
A very pretty island with a nice port. Short walk to Chora which is the place of choice to enjoy your dinner, the magnificent view and the sunset. Quite unspoiled.

Nisos Iraklia

Agios Georgios, port
Just opposite Skinoussa and just as unspoiled.

Mikres Kiklades. Cruising

Antikaros Strait.Cruising
“The Small Cyclades” is a fantastic mini cruising area, there are a lot of secluded coves and bays to visit.

Nisos Amorgos

Kalotaritissa, lunch stop
The bay is situated at the southernmost tip of Amorgos, and offers good shelter for a lunch stop and a swim.

Nisos Poliagos

Manolonisi, lunch stop
Just south of the island of Manolonisi there is a small cove offering shelter if the Meltemi is teasing.

Nisos Folegandros

Karavostasis, port
One of the gems of the Cyclades. Karovastasis (means ferrystop) itself is a very nice port, but the real attraction is the Chora, which can be reached by bus. From here there is a dramatic view only rivaled by Santorini, and passing the town gate you seem to slip inside a space where time no more exists. You can easily spend several hours under the old plane trees, just enjoying the mood and sipping to your ouzo.

Nisos Sikinos

Skala Sikinos, port
Very small port rarely visited by yachts. Tavernas and a good beach.

Nisos Kea

Ormos Koundouros, lunch stop
Good place to make a stop if you are on your way south from Cape Sounion. A hotel at the beach serving fancy food.

Nisos Kithnos

Merikha, port
The main town of Kithnos. The ferry moors here making some disturbance inside the harbor, but the place is very attractive.

Loutra, port
Good safe port. Take a taxi and visit the Chora, old houses over grown with Bourgonvilla and a convivial mood in the evening. Don´t miss the opportunity to take a bath in the hot volcanic spring in the southern part of the bay.

Ormos Fikiadha, lunch stop
Just north of Merikha a sandy bar separates Nisos Ag. Loukas from Kithnos. Good shelter for a swim – or a nap?

Nisos Sifnos.

Kamares, port
Good port to choose if you want to explore the island. Rent a motorbike or catch a bus to visit the main town Artemonas or the medieval town of Kastro.

Vathi, port
If you arrive early you may be lucky enough to moor at the short pier. Alternatively anchor off in this attractive large bay. Only a few tourists, but nice tavernas at the beach. Absolute tranquility.

Faros, lunch stop
Small idyllic bay at the south cost of Sifnos.

Yacht charter from Corfu

Gouvia, marina

Ormos Agni, lunch stop
Anchor off and enjoy a couple of hours in this secluded bay with crystal clear water.

Sidhari, lunch stop
Only in settled weather as it is exposed to the prevailing wind. The spectacular cliffs can be reached with your dinghy.

Palaiokastritsa, port
There are many coves in this area with turquoise water. The place where Odysseus – shipwrecked and utterly naked – made his entry and first met princess Nausikaa.

Nisos Paxos

Lakki, anchorage
The very large landlocked bay offers very good facilities for anchoring. The town is yet another small Greek miracle. Almost only visited by yachts. A square in the town is named after the late US. Senator Edward Kennedy.

Gaios, port
Entering this port, you might think, that this is a river cruise. Good shelter and a laid back mood.

Nisos Antipaxos

Ormos Agrapidhia. Lunch stop
Popular anchorage – and no wonder! Turquoise water in this bay offering adequate shelter.


Mourtos. Port
The 3 islands outside the port offer several anchorages, but also the town of Mourtos is worth a visit.

 Yacht charter from Levkas

Levkas, marina

Ormos Vliko, lunch stop
Just outside the town of Nidri and opposite Scorpios – the island of Onassis.

Nisos Meganissi

Spartachori, port
Floating pontoons. The waiters of the several tavernas help you when mooring. A short walk to Chora with a magnificent view over the area.

Vathi, port
Busy little town absolutely worth a visit.

Port Atheni, port/ anchorage/ lunch stop
There are three coves in the northern Meganissi and this is the southernmost. Short pier and absolute tranquility.

Nisos Cephalonia

Fiskardo, port
Sophisticated town at the northernmost part of the island. One of the few places in the Northern Ionians where the old houses survived the earthquake of 1953. A kind of “small Hydra”.

Assos, anchorage/lunch stop
Anchor off, eat your lunch and take a swim under the Venetian fort – an idyllic spot.

Agia Euphemia, port
The old ferry port of Cephalonia before the earthquake. Nice little town, bars and tavernas. Only a short drive to Lake Melissani.

Poros, port
As far south as you can get, if you have only one week.

Nisos Ithaka

Frikes, port
The east side of Ithaka offers several ports and anchorages. Frikes is a very unspoiled and laid back town. If possible, avoid the floating pontoons in the northern part of the port, as the wash from ferries passing east of Ithaka at night can be troublesome.

Kioni, port
Just south of Frikes, and just as inviting. Arrive a little early and enjoy the tranquillity.

Vathi, port
Large port – the port of call of the ferries from Brindisi in Italy.

Pera Pigadhi, lunch stop
A miraculous lunch stop. The small island offers turquoise water and good shelter.

Port Polis, lunch stop
Sailing from Fiskardo towards south, Port Polis is a nice place to get a swim in the morning.

Nisos Kalamos

Port Kalamos, port
Beautifully situated in green surroundings. This is yet another place, where time doesn’t seem to exist.

Nisos Kastos

Port Kastos, port
The two islands of Kastos and Kalamos offer pretty wievs and good snorkeling. A must when cruising these waters.

Nisos Atoka

One House Bay, lunch stop
Obvious choice when hunger starts to set in. Blue blue water and a fine view to the cliffs and the lonely house ashore.

Cliff bay, lunch stop
If you are courageous you can anchor off and take a long line ashore under the impressive cliffs.

Nisis Echinades, cruising/lunch stop
This is a fascinating mini cruising area with adequate depths offering several anchorages. Situated at the entrance of the bay of Astakos.


Astakos, port
A proper Greek working town, supplying the agricultural hinterland. All sorts of shops. When dusk sets in, life moves to the waterfront, where ouzo is enjoyed and the yachts are inspected.

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